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Reduce Reuse Recycle Kids Night In Box!

I love Spring time, it just something about it that makes me want to reorganized the house and donate items that we no longer use. So with spring cleaning in full effect, and so much talk about Earth Day I was trying to figure out what could we do for Earth Day this year. Then it hit me our new Kids Night In Box was coming!

This year I wanted to make our spring cleaning purposefully and with this in mind I thought it would be a perfect time to do a mini unit on Reduce Reuse and Recycle. Who better to help me teach such a valuable life lesson than the April Kids Night In Box “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. The box was just what we needed for our mini unit and we honored the company sent us another great box to review!

April’s Kids Night In Box was perfect, it came with 7 activities for us to do and like always cool book and special treat for him to enjoy. That special treat lasted a very short time and has since been added to our grocery list by special request. A complete unboxing of the awesome goodies that came in this month box can be found on our Little Learner and Mom Youtube channel.

My son enjoyed reading the book and working on the recycling activity first then we enjoyed painting flowers on used newspaper. Bubbles are always a huge hit in our home and the Up-cycled Bubble Blower activity didn’t disappoint.

So what did he learn from our mini unit using the Reduce Reuse Recycle Kids Night In Box. He learned what it means to recycle and why we should. He learned that everyday items we think are trash can actual be up-cycle for art projects or repurposed. We also learned that not all things can be recycled and how to properly sort recycle items into 4 different categories.

He made us some delicious green smoothies that will also be in heavy rotation in our home.

You know that special treat that he gobbled up super fast? It was an Envirokidz chocolate bar and we learned about how that company donates 1% of it sales to support endangered animals. This sparked an entire new conversation about helping endangered animals and people. So now he has decided his new service project is to volunteer at our local food bank and this summer we will making lunches at the YMCA for needy kids!

This one box has inspired my son to give back to the community and be more conscious about the planet. This is one the reason why I love this box is because it is “inspired by real life parent adventures.” I am very selective about things we use in our home. I love products that I can feel confident that the creator had personal parenting experiences with these life lessons.

It’s not too late to get your own Kids Night In Box. The new May box ships out May 16th-21st. All orders have to be placed by May 13th!

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Kids Night In Box Mission Space Review

If you are one of our Little Learner and Mom Instagram followers you know I love pairing our curriculum with unit studies and hands on learning. We recently received the Kids Night in Box Mission Space Box for our review. Kids Night in Box is a monthly subscription box service that features an array of monthly themed based activities. Previous themes include finances, manners, gratitude, world community and many more learning experiences. The boxes are meant to be enjoyed as a family and are easy to use. This isn’t your typical box there are several learning activities in each box. The Mission Space box had 6 fun filled space mission and 2 wonderful recipes for us to enjoy.

The Mission Space box was a welcome box for the month of March. We started a new grammar curriculum that paired perfectly with this box. What I really liked is that I was able to extend out grammar lesson with a fun activity from the Kids Night in Box. One day we made the Hot Rockets for lunch and on another day we made the Galaxy Strawberries for dessert after dinner. The reader that is included was a great addition to our bedtime reading time and the reading comprehension questions that are carefully laid out in the training manual by grade level were perfect. One of the missions the children created Rocket Art Work and there is an educational art link provided for your child to watch a step by step easy to follow tutorial. The space themed yoga cards provided were an perfect ad in to our mindfulness time in the morning. My son was super excited about tasting the freeze dried ice cream sandwich this activity sparked all kinds of questions and learning opportunities. I was equally impressed that one the missions was S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering, math) related.

One of things I really enjoyed is that I didn’t have to purchase any outside supplies. Every thing needed was inside the box. At the end of all 6 mission my son was able to complete his space passport and their was certificate of completion . These boxes are great for homeschooling, family night and extended learning. In this box there was 6 missions and 2 optional recipes so in all you receive 8 activities. The company also included suggestions to continue your learning in the training guide.

Kids Night in Box comes with several different subscription options you can pick which one best fits your family. The company also has faith based boxes available. Orders for the upcoming April box need to be submitted by April 13th 8pm E.T. All boxes will be shipped April 16th-21st. The April box theme is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle we are looking forward to this new box.

If you are looking for something new to add to your homeschool or activities for the upcoming summer days to help prevent that summer learning slide, try out Kids Night in Box its a great box sure to bring the family together.

Be sure to check out the unboxing video on Little Learner and Mom YouTube channel.

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Rhythm & Writing Review

All I can say is handwriting practice around here has been a party this past month. Today I am reviewing Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew. It has been a non stop jam session since I introduced this program to my son. My son is an auditory learner and HE LOVES MUSIC! The upbeat Hip Hop and Rock instructional videos and lessons were perfect for him.

Handwriting has been a struggle since we started 2 years. We have tried all the popular programs and the response was always the same. He was bored and there was always so much extra stuff to buy in order to make the program successful.  Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew was exciting and engaging he felt empowered and ready to get down to business.  The instructional videos are fun, hip and the music is great and lyrics were easy to catch on. He was off his seat singing and dancing the entire time  and enthused to practice. He watched all the videos the first few days and was begging just to listen to the songs when we weren’t doing the lessons. The instructional videos are positive and encouraging. The kids instantly become empowered from the first video, this little bit of encouragement will boost your new writers confidence.

The stars of the program are the The Get Write Grew take the kids on a musical writing journey throughout the book. I love that the book has minimal color and the kids can color the black and white images if they would like. The lessons are systemically presented so letters that are formed similar and easier to form are grouped together. Each section begins with a reading adventure page that explains the letter formation and matching rhythm. The writing page is also colored coded with top line being green (go) yellow (slow down) red (stop). If you have writer like myself that red line is gift.

The program begins with an Pre-Assessment for the students. My son took the assessment and I was able to recognize what letters he needed a little more practice.  At the end of the book there is another assessment you can have your student take and compare it to the first one.

Another reason why I like this program is because there is no huge teachers manual and tons of writing accessories to have to buy. Everything is written in the first few pages to help a teacher to get started. There are also suggestions for fine motor development and hands on resources to help practice writing outside of the book. The creator of the Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew also encourages families/teachers to use a dry erase overlay when first practicing the pages and then going back having the student write them on actual page.

For last 3 weeks I have seen drastic improvements in his handwriting. I have also noticed less erasing when he is writing. He also sings the songs as he writes or at random times throughout the day. He also has been using some of the positive affirmations from the songs in the morning when he recites his affirmations.

If you are looking for an affordable low maintenance writing program Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew is a great option for your family. I am hoping the creator will come out with a cursive writing and math line soon because that would be great addition.  Be sure to check out the rest of the Homeschool Crew reviews by clicking the banner below.

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Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew {Rhythm & Writing Reviews}

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Vol 1 Review

This month the Homeschool Review Crew was given the opportunity to review ARTistic Pursuits Inc. K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 . Our family reviewed  Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, K-3 Vol. 1 (an introduction to watercolor painting methods, color application, paper cutting and folding for beginners). Art has been an area we have struggled with in our home.  Not because we don’t like doing art, more so because I struggled with tryin to to find the time to squeeze it into our busy schedule and program that didnt require a lot of previous art knowledge and supplies.

The Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, K-3 Vol. 1 program comes with a Blu-ray/DVD for both the student and parent to watch prior to doing lessons. This worked out well for us because we could watch together during lunch time and then apply what we learned after we finished up lunch. This made it simple for me to fit in art instruction without having to set aside a specified time. There are 6 instructional lessons on the DVD and 12 easy to follow text lessons and the art supply list was short and affordable.  Some lessons included in the book are featured in the accompanying instructional video to help you cover some key component. .  These instructional videos are not just for the student they are for the parent as well to help aid with learning. In the Identify and Mix Colors Lesson 4 was great review for us mixing colors to create new colors and using the watercolor crayons. We had fun using different shapes to practice mixing colors.

Children are first introduced to basic watercolor crayons, the company was gracious to send us a set of watercolor crayons and paintbrush. Children will learn to use oil pastels, colored paper and watercolor crayons. The children will also learn about textures, still life paintings, landscapes, and many more art mediums. One plus is children will receive some art history study while doing the course. There are several beautiful paintings in the book and I am hoping that more diverse artist are included in ARTistic Pursuits Inc. K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 2-8 .  Art appreciation is also stressed in this curriculum children will be presented with the artist and asked questions about the paintings to help further understanding and increase art vocabulary.

The Artist Imagine Lesson 3 was one of the lessons my son really enjoyed.  In this lesson, we studied the painting  The Birthday, 1915 by Mark Chagall. This lesson focused on the children using their imagination about a special event in their lives. My son decide to use the moment he received a very special gift from this past holiday. He paid close attention to his emotions and how he felt seeing the gift laid out on his bed when he arrived home. He and  I spent some time talking about that day and how he felt. He carefully planned out the things he saw and imagine on that day. This was a great lesson for us to connect and bond.

We recently took a road trip and Lesson 7 Construction Paper: Cut was the perfect lesson for us to do. This lesson worked on his cutting skills and he was able to build a paper collage of things that he saw on the road. I really like how he decided to use foam paper for the clouds to give them more of a 3D appearance. He also wanted to show how the moon began to slowly appear in front of the sun as if it was an eclipse which he referenced back to Lesson 3 Artist Imagination and he was able to use that vocabulary when describing this art piece to me. I was really impressed withhis he reflection on a previous lesson and art terminology.

 Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, K-3 Vol. 1 is a great program if you are trying to incorporate more art appreciation in your home. The lessons are easy to follow and the instructional DVD/Blue Ray add a nice component to the program. The cost for Vol. 1 is $39.99 plus tax. K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. makes art instruction easy for families!


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Instagram: @artisticpursuitsinc


Kindergarten to Third Grade Art following History in Chronological Order {ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Reviews} 

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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book #3 and # 4 Review!

Finding clean literature for my son can sometimes be hard for a 6-year-old reader. I was honored when WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Groupsent us The Great Escape (Book #3) and Journey to Jericho (Book #4). This is the third and fourth books in the series, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. We received our books right before lunchtime and I decided we would dive into The Great Escape (Book #3) while we ate lunch. My son is an advanced reader, so the typical leveled books won’t always work for him because they are below his reading level and the books that are on his reading level tend to be too mature in content or they conflict with our parenting. So you can only imagine how grateful we were to receive these books.

What can I say we were hooked and instantly I went on Amazon to grabbed The Beginning (Book #1) and Race to the Ark (Book #2). I was shocked at how good the book was we read 4 chapters in one sitting. My son was so excited to finish it that we finished the book at bedtime. The books are fast-paced and adventurous. They instantly intrigue the reader from the first page.

One of the reasons why I believe my son was enthralled from the start is because of the story  is told through the eyes of the children. One of the main characters writes journal entries about their excursions that we loved reading. The Great Escape (Book #3) takes place during the biblical times of Joesph when the Israelites were enslaved. The children learn about the plagues that God promised and they are able to read and comprehend the story from the perspective of the two main characters who are actually experiencing the events.

In the book Journey to Jericho (Book #4), it starts off as a mystery. Peter arises looking for his sister Mary and the Great Uncle Solomon who are nowhere to be found. Once he finds his sister they learn about Uncle Great Solomon secret life as a spy. The children are intrigued by the secret life as a spy and that’s when another great adventure begins when they are whooshed off 40 years later in Egypt. In Journey to Jericho (Book #4) the kids are working with the Israelites as they now have received Gods promise for a new home in the Promised Land. Peter and Mary begin their new mission to help the Isralites travel passed the city Jericho.  The kids get chased down by soldiers and have to hideout the mountains and desert. One of my son’s favorite parts in the books is when Mary, Peter, and 2 Israelite spies are almost caught in Jericho and are hid by the little girl that Peter and Mary defended against some bullies. My son said, ” They were so brave for standing up for the little girl”. This warmed my heart see that he identified that being a bully isn’t right and that Peter and Mary showed bravery.

In The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, the kids learn about history, friendship, and character education. These books are a wonderful read for children of any denomination. The books are for ages 6-9 with reading levels of grades 1-3. My son was able to read Journey to Jericho (Book #4). on his own and we used it as our reader’s response lessons for our homeschool lessons. He really enjoyed reading them and learning bits of history along the way. We are looking forward to catching up and backtracking and reading the other books in the series. I highly recommend you check out the The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.

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Today I am reviewing Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership. I am always on the hunt to find good solid learning resources that I can use as a supplement or as a curriculum for our homeschool. Schoolhouse Teacher offers parents the ease of having a solid curriculum and resources without all the hassle.

What you can expect from this is an online product with downloadable, printable elements as well as online classes and video components. There are products for all ages and grades; including moms. You will find curriculum with lesson plans and an abundance of resources. You will have the assurance that all the core subjects, electives and unit studies are covered. I love unit studies and this is exactly what I was looking for to help me build my units.


This year is our math year and we concentrating heavily on mastering basic math skills. My son craves variety during math lessons. I am also looking for ways to keep math fresh and fun. The Everyday Games section for 1st-4th grade gave me a huge selection of games with lessons plans to keep things fun and both of us happy! As a homeschooling mom, a lot of our lessons tend to follow my son interest lesson. He loves science and he isn’t exactly on the 1st-grade science level he is more at 2nd and 3rd grade. I was relieved to find the science section work to our advantage. I was able to lesson plan at a higher level on certain subject areas instead of having to buy two sets of curriculum. He really enjoys the challenge and I really enjoyed the flexibility.

Flexibility is a huge advantage with the Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership does not limit what grade level you have to work within. You are able you move around in all the levels that best fit your family. For large homeschool families, this may be a huge saving. is not just your typical curriculum website they have thought of everything. In the resource section, you will Monthly Menu ideas for your family. Talk about life and sanity saver because I don’t know how many times I have been at a lost with planning meals and adding variety to our rotation.

Speaking of resources I was amazed to find World Book digital available to families. If you aren’t familiar with World Book digital it’s a great platform that basically has taken the hard book resource and made them available in a digital platform, therefore, keeping them always up to date and offering interactive activities for students as young as Preschool.

The website also has an extensive video library that is stocked with wholesome and clean videos for curriculum and research purposes. They also have religious videos for children and religious study.

I am a planner and I like schedules there is a custom schedule builder also to help you, this is a major plus in my opinion. I also was impressed with the Achievement Certificate Library, there have been times in which I have wanted to award my son a special certificate for his lesson and Schoolhouse Teachers make this possible hassle free and at no additional cost.

So there you have it my review of this wonderful website. I feel like this website would be a great fit for families looking for hassle-free learning and everyday family life. at half the cost of purchasing box curriculum. I also feel like this is a good option for large families. Everything you need is right at your fingertips interested in getting your own membership here is a discount code for joining.  Discount Coupon Code:  CREWFOLLOWER

Be sure and click on the banner to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership.

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Detective Agency Review from Play Osmo’s

We have been huge Osmo’s fans since the launched in 2013. We are pretty strict around here in regards to screen time and we are selective about what he is allowed to watch and play.


On October 25th Osmo launched a new game Detective Agency.  Osmo’s products never disappoint…the moment he saw the box was from Play Osmo’s he was jumping up and down with excitement. We are members of the Osmo’s Social Club and the anticipation of the new Detective Agency has been a huge topic in our household. The new game is for ages 5 and up, I can also see a younger sibling maybe 4 years old teaming up with a parent or sibling to play. In true Osmo tradition the new Detective Agency challenges your students to learn geography, culture and to use their critical thinking skills.


The new game comes in with easy storage case with 5 maps and interactive magnifying glass for your little sleuths to use on their adventures. You will need to have a Osmo Stand in order to play, as well as download the app from iTunes! You can play from your iPhone, iPad and if you own the newly released Kindle Fire Osmo Genius Kit. Your students will be engaged as soon as they load up the game. Children will be asked to solve different cases all over the world. The maps are vibrant and easy to read but challenging, children will be exposed to various cultural aspects of each country.  Kids meet some new Osmo characters along the way and can easily follow the story mode on their own!

I really like this new system especially for the geography aspect, we found ourselves pulling the maps out just to look at them while we were doing our China history lesson. The game is very interactive which is great because it removes the thinking that geography is boring. This is a great new resource for teaching geography Osmos did a great job selecting a country to represent of 6 continents, there is also a world map and Osmo Town.  Overall I give the new system a thumbs up as holiday gift and additional resource for your home school or home for learning geography.

So what does my son have to say about the new Osmos Detective Agency, ….he loves Brazil and wants to go there!  He likes capturing the bad guys and he wants to play all day.


The Detective Agency retails for $39, don’t forget you need the stand in order to play. For those who have Kindle Fire tablets you can purchase the Osmos Genius Kit which comes with the Kindle Fire Stand and you can purchase the Detective Agency kit  and then download the app from the Amazon Store.  For IOS user download from iTunes for free the name in the App Store is Osmo Detective Agency. If you are interested in checking out our youtube review click here.