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Reading Eggs Review

If you have not heard of Reading Eggs this the blog post for you. My son has been enjoying the 4 week free trial the company gave us as well as the 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook. The 200 Essential Reading Skills Workbooks are available in grade K- 5th. The company also has math books available in K-2nd. Be sure to click the banner below to check out the other reviews on the other books.

The 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook is the perfect companion to the Reading Eggs online platform. I was really impressed by the complexity that the workbook covers. The workbook covers 36 weeks of lesson with reviews every 9 weeks. There is a year planner included in the book to help with your planning. Students should spend 15 mins per day working on that days skill.

Students will learn:

  • Day 1 Comprehension Lesson (students can read in the text or locate in the Eggpress online library)
  • Day 2 Comprehension Lesson – Students dig deeper in the previous days text.
  • Day 3 Spelling Lesson – Introduces as spelling rule.
  • Day 4 spelling Lesson – Works on proofreading with the words from Day 3
  • Day 5 Grammar Lesson

What is really nice about having both the book and the online subscription you can use the online to help with interactive abilities as well as instructional. We really found this useful in the Eggpress English Skills platform it provided him with more instruction and practice.

My son is very familiar with Reading Eggs online platform we have used the platform for the last 3.5 years he is bumped up to Reading Eggpress the program. When setting up your account parents are giving the option to start their students with a placement test (highly recommend) or let them work the program from the beginning. The parent dashboard provides you with valuable information about your student such as lexile reading level and progress reports. You will also find a collection of resources in the parent dashboard for homeschoolers.

Reading Eggs has 4 different levels so rest assure your student will do well. Each level is created to work with each child’s developmental needs. There are a total of 12 maps giving students a total of 120 lessons in Reading Eggs. The lessons are engaging and self-paced! Reading Eggpress has a total of 220 lesson and goes up to grade 6.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Grammar
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fluency

Reading Eggs provides students with a fun and easy way of learning to read and grammar. My son gets super excited when he is doing his lessons and we always follow-up with 15 mins of online play as well. He says his favorite part is when he is doing the dictionary and the reading the book and answering the questions.

The 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook has made it easy for me to pair it with our homeschool language arts curriculum and add just little more practice and fun to our lessons. I really enjoy the easy to find weekly lessons planner at the beginning of the book because they are so detailed and I can zero in on what I want him to practice. The 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook can be used as is or you can customize your flow. Having the 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook is like bringing the online Reading Eggs to the table.

This mom is very pleased with the 200 Essential Reading Skills for 2nd Grade workbook and Reading Eggs online platform. We have always been huge fans of the online program and now that the company has a workbook option this is and extra WOW factor and I am loving it and I am looking forward to purchasing the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade for him next year. Reading Eggs has been gracious enough to provide my followers with a 4 week trial to try Reading Eggs online.

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Shifu Oorbot Globe Review

We were sent the Shifu Oorbot Globe for our honest review. The Oorbot Globe is an interactive app and globe. That is available on IOS and Android and is free to download. The Shifu Oorbot Globe is recommended for ages 4 -9 years.

The globe is colorful and lightweight and medium sized. Included in the box is a passport, stamp and stickers. These items are for your student to track their progress as they play. You will need at least 1 GB on your iPhone or iPad if not more in order for the app to work. If you don’t have enough memory for the app you will receive a screen that will notify you. The box says it works for Android but you will not be able to use this on a Kindle Fire device. The company has since disclosed this issue on their Amazon profile since we received ours. Other android devices will need at least 3GB in order to use it.

The interactive component of the globe brings to life the special areas on the globe once they are lined up with star on the globe and tablet. The company uses “Augmentative Reality” children can touch the onscreen image and they can learn important information about that region. Not all countries on the continents have interactive ability but there are internal app interactive abilities for some areas. The app allows students to go on adventures and solve mysteries, puzzles and travel around the world interactively.

Here is my breakdown:

This is a cute globe for learning about the continents, animals and landmarks. While I think the app would be all that you need in order to learn with because there is an option to use without the globe. My son enjoyed the games and interactive ability but was easily frustrated with the software crashes.

I was little put off by the memory storage it needs to run successfully on your tablet/iPad. We did experience a lot of app crashes while using it on our iPad and iPhone . We freed up over 2GB of memory just in case and we still had crashes that made my son a little frustrated. As a parent I would have preferred it to able to use on all devices especially those designated for children.

I think it is a cute globe and kids will enjoy it. I gave it 3 stars on Amazon because it has a lot of valuable information in the app, I feel like the app needs some bugs worked out. The stamp that is included I don’t think it will survive the life of product but it is a nice addition. It is a no boarders globe so you will need to open app to see borders. I think it would make a good globe for information while using it along side a traditional globe.

If you are looking for an interactive globe this could be a choice. I would recommend you download the Oorbot Globe app onto your device before purchasing the globe to make sure it will run efficiently on your device. The retail cost of the globe is $49.99 and can be purchased on Amazon and the Shiftu website.

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Marine Biology Unit Study

Every year we end our summer science lessons with the study of the ocean. This year we are studying Marine Biology. We are going to be using the The Good and the Beautiful Marine Biology unit study for grades K-5 as our guide, but we will be using other hands on and interest led activities.

The best part of our Marine Biology study is the new Magic School Bus Rides Again Exploring Oceans kit sent to us from The Young Scientist Club. We are both super excited about diving into this kit. My son has been bouncing off the walls since it’s arrival and has been begging to open it.

One of the things I felt was important to include in this unit study for my son was marine biologist. I have chosen Roger Arliner Young, Ernest Everett Just and Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. I had him pick out a few books about coral reefs and animals of interest from the ocean.

We are fresh off from shark week and so he still has sharks on the mind, so the transition won’t be hard. This year for shark week I decided to just let him do his own thing and I just set out resources and let him explore.

So we are ready to kick things off and we will end our unit study with a trip to the aquarium at the end of this month. Now if you want to see a peek inside the new Magic School Bus Rides Again Exploring Oceans kit head over to Little Learner and Mom Instagram Igtv So you can check out the unboxing.

As a special thank you to our followers the The Young Scientist Club is offering 30% discount when you use SCIENCEFUN code at checkout on any of the following subscriptions:

  • Pre-pay 12 months of Magic School Bus science club
  • Pre-pay 12 months of The Young Scientist club
  • Pre-pay 6 months of Clifford science club

My School Year Review

Traditionally I like keeping written records of our homeschool year in my lesson planner. We received the Annual Membership Plan and I have been using My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping to track summer school and plan out our new school year.

The idea of using an digital planner has always been a little intimidating and out of the box for me. I prefer to write out my plans and have them sitting with us at the table while we have school. I decided I would take a break from ol faithful and give My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping at try.

Setting up our family profile was simple I do like the dashboard that shows my students reports of what is being tracked for him for the academic year. The company has video tutorials and quick guides to help you set up your lesson plans and how to make edits. I did find these videos to be a little confusing and time consuming at times because I am so used to just writing everything out. I continued to push through setting up our plans and worked out the issues I was having along the way.

My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping allows parents to create lesson plans that you can have automatically generate over entire school year. You will need to go into the plan to customize any lessons you would like to customize. There is also an option to add lesson patterns for your created plans and you can add notes and supplies needed whatever you think you and your student may need for the lessons.

There is nice reporting feature that records information that your student does over the course of the school term such as attendance, extra curricular activities, transcripts and many more attributes that families will find helpful to keep a record of and the system allows you to print a pdf so the records can be easily slide into your students portfolio. There is a Teachers Aid that you can use as your personal assistant that helps you stay on task by pointing out to you any important things you need to be reminded to do or fix in your classes.

So here is the breakdown of My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping :

  • Annual Plan is $50 a year with guarantee price lock or $5 a month.
  • Rapid multiple generated lesson planning
  • Extensive recording keeping options
  • Transcripts builder
  • Reading Logs, Awards, Calendar Scheduling many more trackers
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Affordable

My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping does has a bit of learning curve that you will need to take some to get used. The Tutorial videos and guides you will definitely need to make yourself very familiar with before jumping. I would also recommend that you that you plan 1-2 months at at time before planning out entire until you are comfortable with the format. I would recommend this program if you are digital planner and want something a little more comprehensive. I will continue use the platform items that I think would be great for digital planning and use it has my curriculum mapping for the school term.

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CTCMath Review

Math is one of the areas I tend to have anxiety about every school year. This year my son is trying out lessons using CTCMath‘s full math curriculum and I love that we have access to all grade levels with the Family Membership. We were given a 12 month subscription from CTCMath and has been working out great.

As a homeschooling mom it is very important that my son is mastering his early math skills . One of the things I am liking about CTCMath‘s full math curriculum is that it is very detailed and I can see exactly what he is learning in the parent dashboard. There is clear breakdown of each skill area and it’s not just one part of the skill it’s the entire spectrum from start to end. While I know my son loves playing math platforms that have a lot of games and graphics, with CTCMath your child receives a a full lesson of learning without added distractions.

When a student starts any lesson there is an instructional video. Students have the option to re-watch the video before moving on to the actual lesson to demonstrate their understanding. Parents can customize tasks for their student or work the lessons as CTCMath has laid out for their grade. In our case I took advantage of both options because I knew there were skill sets I wanted him to work on for extra practice. Having the ability to fluctuate between grade levels is also a plus because if their skills that your student didn’t quite grasp in the previous year you can have them work that skill.

The parent dashboard is really your best friend in CTCMath because it allows you to be in full control of what and how much your student is learning. . One of things I am really loving is the Question Bank Wizard this feature is EXCELLENT! I love this feature sooo much because I can customize targeted questions for my son. This feature is like breath of fresh air because you can seriously work this to your advantage. You can set the number of questions you want your student to do, time limit and skill type. Then once you generate it you can preview your questions and edit them by adding or deleting questions that may not work. There is even an option to spread the difficulty leveling across your questions. The Question Bank Wizard can be printed or added to task for your student to do on the computer.

So here is the breakdown CTCMath‘s full math curriculum 12-month Family Membership, for up to 5 students will cost your family $148.50 for the year . You will have access to all levels up to Calculus. CTCMath is multi award winning full math curriculum . Parents have complete autonomy of their students learning. You can your students take diagnostic test that will give a you a good idea where your student is academically. There are speed skills for fact and time tables student are encourage to beat their previous scores. There helpful how to videos for parents and detailed instructional lesson videos for the students. Parents have the options to print lessons or assign lessons for their students The Question Bank Wizard feature provides parents the ability to design questions especially for their student . CTCMath‘s full math curriculum can be used as a stand alone curriculum or as a supplement, children are allowed to work at their own pace. Each student can have their own personal login separate from the parents.

We give CTCMath‘s full math curriculum a thumbs up for being a great math curriculum. If you are homeschooling multiple children the price alone will save you hundreds of dollars. You can use this as a supplement or as your spine curriculum.

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Third Grade Literature Guide Set

Every year I try to find a classic book to start our new year of homeschool . This year my son asked if we could read Charlotte Webs by E.B. White . This was a perfect book pick because Memoria Press was gracious enough to send us their Third Grade Literature Guide Set and we used the Charlotte Web Set.

The Third Grade Literature Guide Set features Teacher and Student Study guide for the following titles for Farmers Boy, Mr Poppers Penguins, A Bear Called Paddington and Charlotte’s Web. If you purchase the set you will need to purchase the novels separately.

The teaching guide is a comprehensive and easy guide to follow. I recommend making yourself familiar with the upcoming chapter lesson and read beforehand but this is not a requirement in order for you to do the lesson. The good thing about the literature guide is that you can customize it to best fit you and your students needs. There is a Preparing To Read at the beginning of the both teacher and student guide that is used as guideline how to best prepare for each chapter discussion. You can read the novel to your student aloud, independent read or tag team read. In the teachers guide each lesson and answer key is within the teacher guide so you can follow along.

The student guide is broken down into these areas of study:

  • Reading Notes
  • Vocabulary (words within the novel)
  • 4-5 Comprehension Questions ( older students own or younger students orally then as copy work)
  • Quotations and Discussions Questions
  • Enrichment (variety of activities)
  • Unit Review and Tests (test varies within guides in the Charlotte’s Web Guide every 7 chapters)

At the end of the book there is biographical sketch about the author and reference material about spiders, poetry and a diagram of a spider. Each guide is divided by each chapter in the book and each lesson is 2 pages long.

We used the curriculum during our morning time meeting. We read the chapter for the following days meeting. During our morning meeting we go over the reading notes, vocabulary and comprehension questions. Before we move on I let him watch the original movies clip for the corresponding chapter and then move on to the discussion questions. I always have him point out the differences in the book and the movie which he loves to do. We end with the enrichment activity. This takes us all of maybe 30-40 mins but I like this time with him because have in-depth conversations about the book.

Now here is the breakdown of my review of the Third Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press. I really do like this program it works well if you have morning basket or read aloud routine with your kiddos. You can use the guides as is or you can use it as an oral discussion guide. It can be used to cover vocabulary, grammar and handwriting. I appreciated the no pressure to do a lot of busy work or prepping. If you would like to incorporate hands on activities while reading you can add some farm themed toys, coloring sheets and crafts. The Charlotte Web literature guide can be used as unit study about farm animals or spiders…now you have covered science in your homeschool for a few weeks.

This is a great set and I think it would be a great add on for your homeschool. Memoria press offers literature guides sets for 1st – 10th grade. Be Sure to check out the the other crews reviews of the other literature guides sets.

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Dyslexia Gold Review!!

“Some links may contain affiliate links. This does not change the cost to you, but helps me keep this blog running.”

Dyslexia Gold generously provided us with a family license and to Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle. This is an engaging program for children who have dyslexia. There are not many online programs that are geared to children who have dyslexia and that is why Dyslexia Gold is unique in its design. The platform is child focus and evidence based learning.

My son does not have dyslexia , but we found this program to be of great use for him for providing him more practice with his reading fluency, spelling and math. The slowed down pace and the auditory components are wonderful. The Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle included Engaging Eyes, Fluency Builder, Spelling Tutor and Times Table Tutor. Each of the platforms has student reporting so parents can adjust and review what their students have been working on and how they are improving.

We have been working a lot in the Spelling Tutor that is an area my son needs the most work in these days. I love how the Spelling Tutor has the students to grab a paper and pencil and then they listen to the auditory and then they correct their sentence. The spelling tutor works on sentence structure spelling and grammar, the program using dictation as a way to teach spelling.

The Engaging Eyes area ask the kids to focus on an object and track it. Now if you have a younger reader you know sometimes they have a tendency to get distracted by pictures on a page they are reading then they stall with their reading have to track back. The engaging eyes helps improve this issue in both they child with dyslexia and the child without it. I have seen improvement in my sons reading over time he isn’t as distracted when reading.

The Fluency Builder is excellent, I mean that will all seriousness my son has been flying through books since he has been using the fluency builder and his reading comprehension is even sharper. The Fluency builder also works on phonics, speed and segmenting. The struggling reader and dyslexic child will definitely see great improvements.

The Times Tables Tutor is a life saver. We have worked a little on beginners times tables but nothing concrete. I was a little apprehensive about letting him try it out , but to my surprise my son LOVES MULTIPLICATION! He said this made it easier for him to understand and it was fun practicing . I think one the things that made this easy for him is that the program uses legos to teach the students the concept.

So here is the breakdown, parents will see improvement of 12 months if students use the program on average of 10 hours a month playing 15 mins per day. The program is geared towards ages 7 to 11 years that are at least 1 year behind. The program as I have said can be used with struggling readers and those who would like to review skills. The program was created for children who have dyslexia.

The cost of Dyslexia Gold is discounted by 20% for Homeschoolers. Our family was given the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle family license. Dyslexia Gold also offers a Dyslexia Screen Test at a low cost as well. If you have a child with dyslexia or even just struggling with reading I highly recommend checking out the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle from Dyslexia Gold.

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